Port and Shipping Logistics Development Forum in the Digital Era held in Guangzhou

Date : 2020-11-18 Source : CMES SHIPPING

17 November 2020 - the Port and Shipping Logistics Development Forum in the Digital Era hosted by the China Institute of Navigation and undertaken by China Merchants Group was held in Guangzhou, at which Wang Hong, Executive Vice President of China Merchants Group, delivered a speech.

In his speech, Wang Hong stated that the acceleration of the digital era not only brings the improvement of efficiency but also the all-round and in-depth self-subversion and reconstruction from strategy to structure, from management to operation, as well as from technology to organization.

Ding Jun, Chief Digital Officer of CMES Shipping, pointed out in a speech entitled "Intelligent Shipping Development Driven by Digitalization" that the exponential increase in data scale and the intelligent development of analysis algorithms have laid the technical foundation for the digital and intelligent era, and the integration and application of emerging digital technologies and the shipping industry have accelerated the formation of the shipping digital ecosystem.  Facing the new trend of shipping digital development, CMES Shipping has carried out "intelligence empowerment applications" around the four major fields of fleet operation, ship management, safety management and ship-shore collaboration to provide intelligent guidance for business operation and management and to drive cost reduction and income increase as well as ship management safety and efficiency with technology and data.