Xie Chunlin inspects and supervises the epidemic prevention and control work

Date : 2020-11-20 Source : CMES SHIPPING

20 November 2020 - Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping, inspected the Company's headquarters and its subsidiaries, Associated Maritime (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. (AMCL) and Hong Kong Ming Wah Shipping Co., Ltd. (HKMW), on their epidemic prevention.

Xie Chunlin learned in detail about the specific measures for safety and epidemic prevention and sanitary conditions of the Company's Headquarters and its subsidiaries, as well as the specific measures such as fire fighting equipment, office disinfection frequency, and cleaning of central air conditioning. He pointed out that as the current epidemic situation in Hong Kong is uncertain, we must do a good job in epidemic prevention work to ensure the health and safety of all the staff who return to work.

Xie Chunlin required all departments of the headquarters and its subsidiaries to rectify and implement diligently and strive to solidly promote the special event of "Promoting the Spirit of Shekou, Improving Work Style, and Enhancing Work Efficiency", to effectively refine the improvement work and truly change the work style, improve efficiency, and boost performance.