Shanghai Ming Wah Opens New South American Bulk Cargo Route

Date : 2021-03-17 Source : CMES SHIPPING

In early March 2021, the 38,000-DWT "Jasmine" ship, fully loaded with engineering vehicles and mechanical equipment, slowly left Tianjin Lingang, for the first voyage of the Shanghai Ming Wah South American Bulk Cargo Route, exploring the Pacific and Atlantic markets for the company, and actively probing new directions for the global bulk cargo concurrent operation strategy.

The first voyage carried a total of 40,000 billable tons of general cargo, going to ports in many countries in South America. The excellent route has abundant cargo sources, to maximize the loading capacity.

Through in-depth market research in the past 6 months, Shanghai Ming Wah has made a comprehensive analysis of cargo types, routes, port conditions and technical difficulties in storage and stowage, trying to maximize ship efficiency. The loading period of the first voyage coincided with the Chinese Spring Festival, and the global epidemic situation was at peak. In the face of the continuous upgrade of epidemic prevention policies in major ports, huge pressure on ports, and shortage of workers, Shanghai Ming Wah actively responded and adjusted the plan on a rolling basis, and sent specialists to supervise the field installation, smoothen the port traffic, and finally made the one-stop solution from route design, cargo source organization, port coordination, technical research on storage and stowage, and real-time response to the epidemic. The stable cargo sources backed by the South American new routes will pave the way for the company's 62,000-DWT ships in 2022.