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China Merchants Group Chairman Miao Jianmin Inspects CMES Shipping

Date : 2020-12-12 Source : CMES SHIPPING

11 December 2020 – China Merchants Group Chairman Miao Jianmin inspected CMES Shipping with a team, boarded the ship "New Prime", watched the special exhibition titled "Promoting the Shekou Spirit, Inheriting the Hailiao Spirit, Serving the National Strategy, and Building a World-class Enterprise", visited the monitoring platform of Online Management System for Ship and Shore Integration, etc., comprehensively inspected the work of CMES Shipping in strengthening safety management, operation management, business development and scientific and technological innovation, and put forward the requirements for the following work. Wang Hong, Executive Vice President of CMG, accompanied the inspection.

After listening to the work report on the implementation of the new development concept of CMES Shipping, promoting the Shekou Spirit, improving work style, enhancing work efficiency, innovation-driven development and high-quality development from CMES Chairman Xie Chunlin and CMES President Wang Yongxin, CMG Chairman Miao Jianmin fully affirmed the work of CMES Shipping and particularly expressed his appreciation and affirmation for the scientific and technological innovation achievements of CMES Shipping in vigorously implementing the digitalization strategy and the implementation of the special events of "Promoting the Shekou Spirit, Improving Work Style, and Enhancing Work Efficiency (弘改提)". He pointed out that the shipping business is the ancestral and main business of China Merchants Group. CMES Shipping operates the traditional shipping industry and inherits the "China Merchants Inheritance, Shekou Gene" and "the Hailiao Spirit" in the high-quality development. It has deeply comprehended the overall strategic thinking and development direction of the Group and has been fully aware of the development requirements for the shipping business sector of the Group with clear ideas, effective measures and exuberant vitality. Especially in the special events of "Promoting the Shekou Spirit, Improving Work Style, and Enhancing Work Efficiency (弘改提)", the Company has reformed internally and has truly combined the "Shekou Spirit", "Shenzhen Special Zone Spirit" and "Hailiao Spirit", with remarkable results achieved.

During the inspection, Miao Jianmin and his entourage boarded the "New Prime", which was undergoing maintenance operations at the Mazhou Island Terminal, inspected the implementation of the ship's key equipments, fire emergency measures and management system, expressed their sincere solicitude to the Chinese and foreign crew members on board, and provided them with gifts and epidemic prevention supplies.