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Wang Yongxin Meets Ma Tianhui, Chairman of Aisino Corporation

Date : 2021-03-26 Source : CMES SHIPPING

25 March 2021 - Wang Yongxin, President of CMES Shipping, met with Ma Tianhui, Chairman of Aisino Corporation ("Aisino") in Beijing, discussing and exploring the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in going digital and building an integrated trade and transportation platform based on blockchain technology. Also attending the meeting were CMES Shipping's Vice President Ding Lei and Chief Digital Officer Ding Jun and related executives of Aisino.

Wang Yongxin expected Aisino to increase its role in its research expertise in key core technologies such as information security, blockchain, big data and AI, and hoped that the two sides could leverage their respective strengths, explore new ways of research to accelerate the projects, helping build China into a strong maritime and transport power.

Ma Tianhui said that the two sides have a strong foundation for cooperation as both can leverage their complementary advantages to drive innovation and development in digital technology based on shared ideas and concepts. Ms Ma also noted that Aisino would increase their input in resources and technologies to identify new areas of cooperation and create a new model for cooperation in collaboration with CMES Shipping.