Miao Jianmin Inspects CMES Shipping Branches in Hong Kong

Date : 2021-06-04 Source : CMES SHIPPING

3 June 2021 - Miao Jianmin, Chairman of China Merchants Group, led a team to inspect the branches of CMES Shipping in Hong Kong, namely AMCL and Hong Kong Ming Wah (HKMW). They visited the front-line staff, heard the relevant work report in detail, and put forward requirements on the next stage of development. Group Director Wang Cuijun and Assistant to the President Chu Zongsheng accompanied Chairman Miao.

Miao Jianmin and his team inspected the office area and various business departments of AMCL and HKMW located in China Merchants Tower and communicated with the front-line staff. After that, Miao Jianmin viewed the demonstration of the "Integrated Quintuple-Control" ship operation visualization platform independently developed by CMES Shipping, learned about the ship position and track of each fleet, and checked the key areas such as ship bridge remotely. Miao Jianmin extended his best wishes through the platform to the entire crew of CMES Shipping's intelligent VLCC "New Vision", which was traveling in the Strait of Malacca. Miao Jianmin said that "New Vision" become the model of operation, work safety, energy saving and environmental protection, technology innovation and pandemic prevention and control of the fleets of CMG.

At the symposium, Miao Jianmin listened to the detailed presentation of work of AMCL and HKMW in terms of development history, production and operation, social responsibility, pandemic prevention and control, etc., and fully affirmed the development achievements made by them. He said that HKMW reactivated the maritime business of CMG and AMCL developed the maritime oil tanker business of CMG. The development of CMES Shipping has inherited the ancestral business of CMG, opened and expanded the shipping market, established its reputation and made an outstanding performance in the Chinese and global shipping industry.

Miao Jianmin noted that the shipping industry features an emphasis on assets and strict cycles, and the ongoing pandemic proses huge fluctuations to the shipping market. CMES Shipping has to thoroughly evaluate the impact of the pandemic on the macroeconomy and various segments of shipping, and carefully study and formulate the development strategy towards the 14th Five-Year Plan. He hoped that CMES Shipping would implement the requirements of "Setting up the Banner, Establishing a Benchmark, Becoming a Model, Striving to be a Pioneer", further strengthen the development of manpower, expand the service capacity, enhance the strength of science and technology innovation, develop energy-saving and environmental protection technology, and maintain the international management level.