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Zhanjiang Port's Debut in the Berthing of ORE ZHANJIANG from CMES Shipping

Date : 2021-06-08 Source : CMES SHIPPING

6 June 2021 - as the last cargo of CMES Shipping's ORE ZHANJIANG crossed the cabin, the first 400,000-DWT vessel berthing at Zhanjiang Port unloaded efficiently and safely, and left the port smoothly early on 7 June. The ORE ZHANJIANG with full load was the vessel with the longest length, largest deadweight tonnage, largest cargo capacity and deepest draught since the opening of Zhanjiang Port. This marked that Zhanjiang Port not only set the record of being the first coastal port in South China to successfully berth a 400,000-DWT vessel with full load, but also set a new efficiency record for iron ore loading operation.

This berthing was the first time for Zhanjiang Port to receive a 400,000-DWT bulk fleet. In order to ensure the safe entry and exit of the vessel, leaders attached great importance to it and arranged relevant departments to communicate with the port and navigation agencies in Zhanjiang Port to discuss the overall plan of the vessel's navigation into the port and berthing security. Through the cooperation of all parties, the debut of ORE ZHANJIANG at Zhanjiang Port was achieved safely and smoothly.


30 April 2019 - ORE ZHANJIANG, a 400,000-DWT Very Large Ore Carrier (VLOC) custom-built by CMES Shipping in cooperation with ICBC Leasing, set sail. It was named after "Zhanjiang", which was intended to commemorate and further promote the strategic cooperation between China Merchants Group and Zhanjiang City. "ORE ZHANJIANG" was designed by SMSDRI and built by BSIC. It is 361.9m in length, 65m in width, 30.4m in depth, with single-hull upper deck, straight bowsprit, square transom and class ABS+CCS. It is the world's largest ore carrier developed and built by China independently, with the characteristics of safety, environmental-friendliness, energy saving and efficient operation. And its performance has occupied a leading place in the world.