Xie Chunlin Meets Wang Jianmin, Chief Operating Officer of Port and Shipping of Yangpu

Date : 2022-05-12 Source : CMES SHIPPING

11 May 2022 - Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping , met with Wang Jianmin, Chief Operating Officer of Port and Shipping of Yangpu Economic Development Zone of Hainan  in Shenzhen. Also attending the meeting were Shao Jinning, Director of the Yangpu Bureau of Port and Shipping as well as Director of the Shipping Office, and Ding Lei, the Vice President of CMES Shipping.

Xie Chunlin extended congratulations on the outstanding performance achieved by Yangpu Economic Development Zone over recent years. He pointed out that CMES Shipping has established close cooperation with Yangpu in Hainan. Thanks to the support from the local government, CMES Shipping has been quite successful in corporate building and development in the region of Yangpu. He emphasized that serving the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone represents an important direction of serving the national strategy and also captures our intended purpose of becoming a world-class shipping company. He hoped that we would be able to jointly promote the development of China's port and shipping business by deeply matching Yangpu's development needs and helping Yangpu to move toward cutting-edge port and shipping technology.

Wang Jianmin congratulated CMES Shipping for yielding strong results in the first quarter and briefed the attendants on Yangpu's development and construction, as well as the ideas and measures for the next stage of development. He said that as a pillar industry in Yangpu's business landscape, the port and shipping business paints a rosy picture for development over the long term, hoping that both sides would deepen their cooperation based on their strategic cooperation in early stages.