Xie Chunlin Visits Yang Zhizhong, Chairman of DSIC

Date : 2022-05-14 Source : CMES SHIPPING

12 May 2022 - Capt. Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping , led a delegation to visit Yang Zhizhong, Chairman of Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (DSIC) , in Dalian. Both sides exchanged ideas about recent cooperation projects deeply and elaborately. Also present at the meeting were Lin Jimin, Vice President of DSIC, and Ding Lei, Vice President of CMES Shipping . 

Xie Chunlin extended thanks to DSIC for its long-term support to CMES Shipping. He said that with the strong backing of both groups, CMES Shipping and DSIC have worked together and achieved win-win results in a wide range of areas. He highlighted that CMES Shipping has developed a 2+N business landscape that covers a full range of business areas including the shipping of oil, bulk cargo, gas, vehicles and containers. Given the changing external environment and competitive landscape, he hoped that both sides would continue to work closely together in a series of new areas such as LNG carriers and ship fuel alternatives to enhance their core competitiveness and contribute to building a world-class fleet.

Mr Yang warmly welcomed the group led by Mr Xie Chunlin and highly recognized the strong cooperation between both sides in earlier stages. Mr Yang said that CMES Shipping's blueprint for future is perfectly aligned with DSIC's roadmap, and this would also represent the direction for their joint efforts. He looked forward to further cooperation between both sides.

During his visit, Mr Xie inspected the progress of VLCC building and heeded a report on the development of second-generation wind sails. He also extended warm greetings to the shipbuilding supervisors working on site.