Pacific Prospect of CMES, World's Largest Multipurpose Heavy Lift Vessel Sets Sail

Date : 2022-05-17 Source : CMES SHIPPING

16 May 2022 - Pacific Prospect, CMES Shipping's multipurpose heavy lift vessel and also the world's largest of its kind, started a voyage to Australia, fully loaded with 28 sets of VESTAS onshore wind turbine towers and totally 62,000 cubic meters of made-in-Yangzhou wind power equipment. For its maiden voyage, Pacific Prospect set the record of carrying the largest quantity of wind turbine towers on a single ship departing from the Port of Yangzhou, attracting extensive coverage from leading media outlets.

In response to the tightening measures for Covid-19 prevention and control imposed by China's customs, border control, and port authorities, CMES Shipping immediately developed a remote solution to the problem that technicians are restricted from supervising installation aboard due to pandemic prevention requirements. The solution included installing video surveillance cameras to monitor the installation of equipment from all angles and managing to hire local port personnel to assist in on-site monitoring. The combination of online and offline efforts finally made the ship accurately loaded and stacked with the required equipment for Pacific Prospect's maiden voyage. The ship's first successful loading operation was also attributed to the strong support from Yangzhou Port. With an equal emphasis on production and Covid-19 prevention, both sides had worked together to help Pacific Prospect load its entire shipment safely and efficiently with guaranteed quality and quantity.

As the world's largest multipurpose heavy lift vessel at present, Pacific Prospect delivers a strong carrying capacity and superb cargo worthiness. During the early stages of loading, the operations and technical teams of Shanghai Ming Wah operating under the banner of CMES Shipping thoroughly examined the loading solution. Through a series of technical measures including stacking stimulation and modeling analyses, the teams managed to develop a solution that could maximize the ship's cargo capacity by fully utilizing the bypass board structure that comes standard with the vessel while at the same time ensuring safety. The solution fully matched the customer's requirements on Pacific Prospect's shipment volume and maximum loading capacity, once again breaking the record number of wind turbine towers a 62,000 DWT MPP vessel could carry, a new breakthrough for this type of vessel in loading and stacking technology.