CMES Shipping Holds Seminar on Centralized Procurement of Fuel Oil

Date : 2022-05-18 Source : CMES SHIPPING

18 May 2022 - CMES Shipping held a seminar on the centralized procurement of fuel oil for 2022, which was attended and addressed by Xie Chunlin, Chairman of CMES Shipping. The meeting was also attended either on site or online by more than 30 officers including members of CMES Shipping's leadership teams, managers of relevant departments, and management teams of its subsidiaries.

Mr Xie highlighted the need for the entire company to reach a common understanding and join efforts together to resolutely proceed with the centralized procurement of fuel oil. He stressed that the relevant departments and business units must continue to improve and optimize China Merchants Oil Trading's mechanisms on assessment, internal coordination for centralized procurement, external communication, and risk control, and each stakeholder must strengthen its accountability, enhance communication and coordination, and continuously improve its expertise to fully guarantee the quality and quantity of oil product supplies, reduce the purchasing cost of fuel oil, and increase the efficiency of centralized fuel oil procurement.

CMES Shipping's senior officers, relevant functional departments and subsidiaries also made comments and optimization suggestions.