China Merchants Shipping has always been committed to fulfilling its corporate civil responsibilities. As one of the initiators, CMES takes the initiative to give back to society through various charitable events, study funds, and donations to the poor conducted by the China Merchants Charitable Foundation. In recent years, the company has built two Hope Primary Schools in the poor regions of Weining County, Guizhou Province. To express their gratitude to CMES, the Weining County Education Bureau named the two Hope Primary Schools as China Merchants Energy Shipping Bangmu Village Hope Primary School and the China Merchants Energy Shipping Shaokou Village Hope Primary School.

In recent years, through the China Merchants Charitable Foundation, CMES has established the "CMES Scholarship" at six maritime institutions, including Dalian Maritime University, Shanghai Maritime University, Jimei University and Jiangsu Maritime Institute; and the "China Merchants Navigation Scholarship" at Wuhan University of Technology, Nantong Shipping College and Guangdong Guangyuan Vocational Technical School. The annual donation amount is as high as 2 million RMB, and the scope and amount of donations will be further expanded. Through the scholarship program, CMES supports the development of shipping education by sponsoring passionate young students from poor areas of the central and western regions to study in maritime profession.