CMES SHIPPING Releases 2021 ESG Report

Date : 2022-07-25 Source : CMES SHIPPING

25 July 2022 - CMES Shipping (601872.SH) published its 2021 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report on the website of Shanghai Stock Exchange. Adhering to the "China Merchants Bloodline", the "Shekou DNA" and the "Hailiao Spirit" and geared toward its vision of becoming an "excellent global shipping practitioner", CMES Shipping is committed to shaping shipping trust with China Merchants wisdom and sparing no efforts to build a world-class shipping company with core competencies guided by the philosophy of "Trust Shipping".

ESG Management

Starting with ESG strategy and organization, and ESG capabilities and issues, CMES Shipping seeks to set up a complete ESG governance system, make active efforts to fulfill its key tasks including energy source restructuring and transformation toward green transport, promote the integration of ESG concepts into its long-term corporate development strategy, and promote the deep fusion of ESG management and business activities.

Enabling Sustainable Development

CMES Shipping continues to consolidate and improve corporate governance, enhance risk control, adhere to business ethics, and accelerate the ROE improvement so as to lay a solid groundwork for high-quality development.

Tapping Deeply into the Ocean Shipping

With a focus on energy shipping, it is feeling compelled to strengthen quality management, optimize its operations and management processes, drive development through innovation, prioritize customer management, and guarantee safe operations to fully ensure smooth energy shipping and an adequate supply of energy sources.

Moving toward Green Shipping

Well aware of the significance of ecological civilization, CMES Shipping joins efforts together toward green shipping. These efforts include deepening environmental management, implementing the policy of energy saving and emission reduction, building green ships, accelerating the alteration of onshore power system, respond actively to climate change, and promoting a shared green lifestyle to help achieve the dual goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

Protecting the Clean Water and Blue Sky

With an emphasis on the utilization of water resources, CMES Shipping promotes the transformation of sea water using seawater desalination equipment to supply living water for use and reduce the consumption of freshwater on ships. It also places a high priority on emissions compliance to create a green and eco-friendly working environment.

Building a Corporate Culture Centered around Duties and Responsibilities

CMES Shipping is active in stepping up team building efforts to protect the rights and interests of its staff and help with staff career development. As an excellent global shipping practitioner, CMES Shipping is also active in seeking cooperation across business sectors and building a platform for extensive cooperation to promote the sharing of resources and the utilization of compensatory advantages and boost sustainable socioeconomic development. CMES Shipping is ready to contribute to charity and fulfill its social responsibility.